Friday, January 30, 2015

Foam rolling?? What's that??

I'll tell you what... I think this is one of my new favorite things to do. You know that feeling from doing all those squats and dead lifts at the gym? When you are so sore that you can't walk for the next two days?? Well, roll those sore muscles away!

I was introduced to the foam roller by my TIU girls. I bet you have one at your gym and didn't even know it was there or what it was used for.  You basically lay on top of the foam roller to target whatever muscle you are looking to stretch/massage. For example, if you wanted to "roll" out hamstrings place the roller under the muscle, hold yourself up and roll from above the knee to your tush. You can also turn on your side and hit your pressure points! Ahhh....It hurts so good!!  Don't forget friends... I'm not a personal trainer.... Just sharing what I love. You should definitely research more about it and see what it looks like in action on a video!

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