Saturday, October 3, 2015

Girls Pumping Iron

My normal Saturday routine is going to the gym and take a body pump class.  I'm not talking, your 5 or 10 pound free weights; I'm talking about barbell lifting.  Many women are afraid of lifting weights due to the fear of becoming "bulky"; but we simply don't have the level of testosterone needed to bulk up like guys do.  The girls that are bodybuilders probably are taking hormone supplements, and training specifically to get that bulk. 

In researching this for myself, I learned that if you lift weights, you can have more effective fat loss.  Additionally, the more muscles that you have, the more your metabolism speeds up and the more calories you will burn at rest.   Here is a great website that I found, that even provides videos of how to effectively complete some of these moves.

Since taking these classes, I have seen more definition in my muscles (as little as they are...LOL).  Seeing this progress (not perfection) has had its benefits for me.  I feel ten times stronger than I was in my 20s, increased my energy levels, and increased my overall confidence.  Now, I don't feel like a tool going out onto the weight room floor with free weights or the machines.  I don't feel silly lifting in front of the guys either.  I honestly feel that you attract people when you exude confidence.

You can start small to see what you can handle.  I suggest either trying a class or going with someone that can assist you.  The weights I lift now are double the size, if not more, than my initial lifting weight.  Everyone starts somewhere!  Try adding some routines to

Here's to a cuter booty!


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